Are you feeling stuck?

What is your energy level?

How are your relationships with yourself, your Higher Power, family, friends and food?

Are you getting the positive results in your life and enjoying the fruits of your labors?

This fun and inspired 7  week interactive and transformational course is designed to accelerate positive results in your life…

The structure of the course is symbolically represented by a fruit tree.

First, we focus on nourishing our roots – body, heart, mind and soul – on a daily basis. Second, the trunk symbolizes systems, structure and support in our lives. Our morning and evening routines, our daily and weekly schedules, being able to effortlessly plan and prepare healthy meals, etc. Third, the branches represent living your life with passion and purpose. Fourth, the fruit represents your gifts, mission and offering to the world. A tree doesn’t produce fruit unless it is properly nourished, and neither do we! The purpose of this course is to empower you with valuable takeaways:

  • You’ll take a brief inventory of your life which will give a visual of 8 key areas of your life.
  • Identify the Stumbling Blocks in your life that are keeping you from progressing and then find solutions to transform them into Stepping Stones.
  • Nourish the Body: Discover 5 keys that will transform your health and do them DAILY.
  • Nourish your Heart: Clear the emotional blocks and negative beliefs that are keeping you stuck. You’ll learn a tool that you can use daily that will help you keep an open and loving heart.
  • Nourish your Mind: Reprogram your mind through affirmations, dream board, life vision, and focus. You’ll come away with your own personal Power Declarations to combat any negative voices you hear, believe and tell yourself.
  • Nourish your Soul: Tap into the limitless power of your Higher Source – these tools will transform every aspect of your life. Learn how to slow down, meditate, listen and journal to actually accelerate your life in every other area.
  • Systems: Create a morning and bedtime routine to bookend your days. Make sure your most important values are represented in the daily, weekly systems you set up for yourself.
  • Purpose and Passion: Learn the steps to identify your purpose and passion. Often times it is our PAIN that propels us to find our PURPOSE.
  • How to share your gifts, mission and purpose with others. What are the consequences when we choose not to share? Learn the KEY to moving forward and progressing in life!