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"Attending the Vibrant Living health and healing retreat was absolutely life-changing! The food, the women, the island! Words cannot express the impact it all had on me! Thank you Stacy and team for everything!” Kara B
”The Vibrant Living health and wellness retreat was AMAZING! I felt uplifted in every aspect of my being. Not only did we enjoy the wonders of Hawaii and the beauty of healthy living, Stacy is the magic - Stacy’s a mentor, guide, and light in this world! I would come again in a heartbeat!” Robin J
”What a wonderful journey joining together with such amazing women learning, sharing, growing, and healing. I am grateful for the relationships and experience as I came that will be forever dear to my heart! Thank you Stacy and team for all you did and provided!”
” I am so thankful for this opportunity to be part of this amazing retreat. I’ve learned so much from everyone, and it has been healing for me, and I have loved it!“ Kasia H
”What a wonderful mix of light-hearted fun and deep personal work!”
”I feel like I’ve truly been able to connect with myself and comprehend the importance of God in my life.”
”I have truly found deep healing through my own experiences. And for the first time in years, I feel peace and mindfulness.”
”This retreat was just what I needed: Refresh, rejuvenate, heal, connect.”
”I came to Hawaii with not a lot of confidence that I would change or have healing. After a few days of having my outer shell chipped away, things have changed. The healing has begun and now I have tools to not only bless my life but those around me, also.”
”Connection, growth, healing, and the most beautiful setting in the world is the only way to describe the experience of a lifetime.”

Some snapshots from our past retreats! Look like fun?

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