Five Ways to Increase Your Happiness Now!

When was the last time you were truly happy?

What did it LOOK like.
What did it FEEL like.

The key to happiness is identifying the things that bring true joy into our lives and do them more often! I’ve identified 5 things that you can do immediately to raise your happiness quotient.

1. Simply receive God’s love for you.

Are you ready to receive it?

It is a free gift and can only be received by faith. He loves us because He wants to, not because we deserve it. His love is unconditional and never ending. If you have a hard time believing that he really does love you, begin stating out loud that He does and take notice of every manifestation of His love.

I find so much of His love in nature around me.

2. Connect with other people.

Relationships are the heart of happiness.

If you want to be happy, be a true friend. Especially be a good friend to the most important people in your life… your spouse, parents, children, friends, etc. Make a conscious commitment to being the most loving person that you absolutely can. When you set this as your intention, you attract so much love back into your life, and there really is no difference between happiness and love.

3. Live in gratitude.

The more you practice gratitude, the more you will be grateful for. When we have an attitude of gratitude, we are living in the “present”. Being “present” is a “gift” to all those that we associate with. For more ideas on gratitude, check out my post on Tips on Being Thankful.

4. Let go of your hurt + pain.

This may be easier said than done, but when we hold onto a grievance, we cannot be happy.

Resentment keeps us stuck in the past.

Forgiveness brings us back to the present.

Keeping a grudge is really a decision to keep suffering. Resentment is like a ball and chain and forgiveness will set you free again.

5. Have fun!

We have many responsibilities.

But we shouldn’t forget to do fun and enjoyable things in our lives! Make a list of the activities that are fun for you, and make a point to do them often. When we laugh and relax, we relieve stress and can live more in the present.

Make memories with the people you care about most.

A family that plays together, STAYS together!


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