Coaching Certification

We invite you to participate in our 6 month Vibrant Living Holistic Health Certification Program!

This is a unique and comprehensive program that provides tools and mentoring for health and healing.

Individuals come into this program for one or more of three reasons:

  • You desire tools for meaningful, personal transformation for yourself or to assist family members.
  • You desire to become a Holistic Health Coach and assist others in their own Health and Healing by working 1:1 or group programs. This allows you to build a Health Coaching Practice with the tools and training provided.
  • You are interested in helping us spread the message of Health and Healing to make a positive impact in your community and in the world. As you become a Vibrant Living Ambassador and share the coaching program, you may create a residual income by blessing lives.  Training and mentoring is available for those that would like this option.

Stacy Harmer and RaeLynn Rushton are the Founders and Creators of the Vibrant Living Holistic Health Coaching Certification Program and will be your Mentor’s throughout the Program.


In addition, we hold Vibrant Living Retreats, where women participate in interactive activities and implement tools to heal and live a vibrant life. Our retreats provide hands-on implementation while surrounded by other like-minded people, delicious healthy whole and raw foods. You will walk away with nutritional knowledge, meal plans, shopping lists, skills to help you do emotional release work on yourself or your family, make a dream board, create affirmations and a Life Movie Script, meditate, go on a nature hike, create a beautiful handmade journal, do yoga, setup systems and routines for your home, discover your purpose and passion and share your talents, gifts and insights with others. Visit the academy’s Upcoming Events and Retreats for more information!

Best of all, you’ll connect with the hearts of some beautiful individuals who will move and change your life forever.

Something magical happens when a group gets together with the intention of connecting, learning, growing and desiring to make a difference in the world. You’ll be inspired to create and live the life of your dreams, as well as assist others in their journey.

Stacey Harmer


Stacy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is a Raw Food Chef and an Emotional Release Facilitator. She has her B.S. and M.S. degrees from Brigham Young University in Family Science and Education. She is a wife, mother of 7 children and has a new granddaughter! She is passionate about helping others find joy and live vibrant lives. She is a speaker, trainer and the author of 7 Steps to Vibrant Living – You Deserve to Find Joy Now and has a mission to spread these principles to the world!

Raelynn Rushton

Co-Creator VLHHC

RaeLynn is a Health & Wellness Coach and Emotional Release Facilitator – a graduate of the Institute of Healing Arts. She has over 30 years’ experience in health/wellness, nutrition and business management. She is a speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, business mentor, mom and grandmother.

The Vibrant Living Holistic Health Coach Certification Program is based on the 7 Steps to Vibrant Living formula that Stacy Harmer has created, copyrighted and published. Upon completion of the program, you’ll have license to use these materials in your own coaching practice or educational setting.

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll be getting with the program:

  • 6 months of personalized, weekly mentoring through conference calls and webinars.

  • Training and Facilitation in the 7 Steps to Vibrant Living (Body, Heart, Mind, Soul, System, Purpose and Passion and Sharing Your Gifts).

  • Creating the Environment for Growth – Gaining Clarity, Creating a Peaceful Space, Strengthening Relationships, Time Management and Self Care.

  • Body – A total of 3 done-for-you Health Programs (could be used online, group, or 1:1) with content, recipes, health tips, etc., Product Training (with our product partner), Body Image, Exercise, Dietary Theories, Primary and Secondary Foods, Adrenal Fatigue, Gut & Digestive Health, Low Glycemic Foods, Sugar Addiction, Emotional Eating, etc.  You’ll also gain practice and skills in doing Health Questionnaires with potential clients.

  • Heart – Emotional Release Processing and Belief Breakthrough work. You’ll learn about Heart Health, Energy and Vibration, Strengthening your Intuition, and learn how to facilitate Emotional Release Breakthroughs.  You’ll be working one on one with peer coaches to practice these important skills and will have completed 25 sessions before certification.  You’ll learn tools and techniques to use with your children, improve relationships and work on yourself.

  • Mind – Increase personal power by using the mind in creating Affirmations, your Vibrant Living Board, your Life Vision and Personal Movie Script, Mindfulness, Mind Health.

  • Soul – Learn to implement the tools of Intuitive Writing, Meditation, Connecting with God/Source, and the Spiritual Connection with Food.

  • Systems – Gain tools to set up systems in all areas of your life – personal, family, home and business.  Training on building a thriving residual income (if you desire), steps on creating a thriving business, finding referral partners, discovering your ideal client or customer + our website and tools to market your business.

  • Discover your own personal strengths, purpose and passion and create an event (webinar, open house, class, demonstration, etc.) that reflects that purpose and share your gifts with others.  We will be supporting you every step of the way!

As you can see, this is a total program that touches on multiple areas of personal growth, health and healing.  The value of this program is worth thousands of dollars in mentoring, training, business tools and healing modalities.  Are you ready to take your own growth, health, healing and business to the next level?  If so, we look forward to partnering with you and creating something truly life changing together!

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