5. What are You TRULY Hungry For?

What are you TRULY hungry for?

The foods we eat are meant to nourish our bodies physically, and we call them Secondary Foods. But there is something even more crucial to identify and those are called Primary Foods or Basic Human Needs - such as our relationships, physical activity, finding meaning or purpose, growth, spiritual connectedness, contribution, etc. When those aren't met, we will continually be hungry trying to fill them - and often we do that with food.

To be fulfilled is something that food alone can’t do.

You must nourish:

-Your Body with healthy food

-Your Heart with joy, compassion, and love

-Your Mind with knowledge, creativity, and proper thinking

-Your Spirit with divine connection and self-awareness

So, I pose the question.... what you are TRULY hungry for? In this episode, I share about the 6 basic human needs are and how to fulfill them to satisfy what you TRULY are hungry for!!

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