10. How To Solve Any Problem

How To Solve Any Problem. That’s a pretty lofty claim!  I’m talking about you and your brain!

I personally think that all things can be made whole, complete, and right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. But in this podcast, I'll be talking and sharing in the context of what you can do with your own thoughts, thinking, and brain and how you can actually solve any problem for yourself (since we are the only ones we can change).  

As a certified Coach with The Life Coach School, I'll be sharing a tool that I've learned and been trained with - The Self Coaching Model - created by Brooke Castillo, who is the owner and founder of the school. This is a claim that Brooke makes after coaching thousands of clients and has never had it not work. I too have found that it is a tool that has not only changed me but also my clients and students that use and implement it on a daily basis.  

In this podcast, I demonstrate the Self-Coaching Model.  If you'd like to have your own mini-session with me to try out coaching, you can go to www.stacyharmer.com/contact to send me a message, and we can get that set up!  I think everyone needs a coach, and this is a super powerful process!  


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