19. Gottman's Principles to Make Marriage Work

I just returned home from a getaway with my husband - celebrating 36 years of marriage!! Since strengthening marriage has been on my mind and since I'm a Gottman Trained Leader for their 7 Principles to Make Marriage Work Workshop, I thought I'd focus and share these principles on my weekly show and podcast today and over the next 7 episodes - focusing on one principle each week.

In today's episode, I share about the research behind Gottman's substantiated studies claiming he can predict divorce with 91% accuracy. But his goal was not necessarily to predict divorce. His goals and desires were to help couples find out what actually does work to make successful and happy marriages. He's come up with 7 key principles that are essential to having a happy and successful marriage.

In this episode, we also address the 4 Horseman of the Apocolypse in Marriage: Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling. Come learn the antidote and secret weapon to those.

I came upon a post this week that I loved. It read, "If you see a married couple still in love through the years, you may think how lucky they are. But in marital relations, there's no such thing as luck. They made many compromises. They overlooked each other's faults. They forgave many mistakes and endured many problems. They spent years learning to understand one another. Love has never been a matter of luck. It's mutual giving, compromise, shared dreams, care, respect, mercy, and patience."

Lastly, mark your calendar and save the date for our Vibrant Living Wellness Conference - May 14 in Sandy, Utah!!  More details coming soon!!


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