36. Design Your Future

In this episode - Design Your Future, I share about SMARTER Goals and why it is important to have CLARITY.

In the Bible, Jesus approaches individuals who needed restoration and healing asking what they wanted Him to do. Obviously, Christ already knew what they needed, but instead of instantly healing them, He asked them to declare what they wanted. First, more than healing, they needed clarity. He was unwilling to meet their physical needs until they got clear on what it is they wanted and could verbalize their desire.

So must we! Great results don't just happen. My left-brained, logical husband always says: "A problem clearly stated is a problem 1/2 solved." So true! Some of the tools I share here will help you gain clarity as your design YOUR future!! 

I've opened up my calendar for some free Coaching Clarity sessions! If you've never experienced coaching, I invite you to grab a complimentary session and discover the beauty and power of coaching in your life! Just send me a message, and I'll send you my calendar!

Thanks, and enjoy!!  xoxo



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