40. Becoming

The world needs your wisdom, experience, nurture, and spark! Are you ready to reinvent your life?? In this episode, I share about my new Vibrant Life Coach Academy and the Becoming Mentoring Monthly Membership.

We help women like you make peace with your past and reignite and rediscover your passion and magic to increase your IMPACT! Come learn how to turn self-sabotage into self-mastery and increase your confidence and integrity in the areas that matter most. Scripture says that transformation comes by the renewing of our minds. This program is not just about information, but integration into every area of your life, for long-lasting, sustainable change.

I invite you to become a Founding Member and be grandfathered in at an incredible price for a limited time. When you join this holistic evergreen program that combines both the wisdom of ancient scripture and the latest in neuropsychology along with the incredible circle of support through teachings, coaching, weekly planning sessions, accountability circles, and revolutionary planner/journal, you'll take the journey of your life and feel so loved, supported by an incredible community of women!! Come wake up to the unique and extraordinary gifts you've been given, and you'll master the tools and skills needed to impact generations!!

To learn more and grab one of the limited Founder Member spots, go to: www.stacyharmer.com/becoming

Get ready to join us for Dare to Dream - an online workshop between Christmas and New Year's where we'll help you craft out your vision for 2023 to create the Best Year Ever!! xoxo


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