42. Dare to Dream

The world changes for the better when we wake up to our desires! How much meaning can you put into your life? As we wrap up 2022 and move forward into 2023, have you taken the time to pause and celebrate all that occurred this past year? What went well? What didn't, and what did you learn from it?

We don't set goals to prove ourselves or to prove our worth. We are already 100% worthy, loved, and adored by our Eternal Father. But, by setting goals and dreaming, we allow our brains to be future-focused and get the creative juices flowing.

Our dreams and goals inch us closer to our truest selves and remind us who we are. They stretch us to grow and become what God created us to be and share our gifts with the people that need them!! Impression without expression leads to depression. We are meant to express ourselves, and our dreams, desires, and goals are a good way to do that!!

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