47. Be Impeccable With Your Word

In this episode, I share from the book The Four Agreements. The first agreement is: Be Impeccable With Your Word. The words we use are a powerful force in creation. John 1:1 says - "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God."

We first create spiritually through what we see and what we say. Our words have the power to create heaven on earth. They also have the power to create hell for ourselves and others. They are like a 2 edged sword.  Depending on how it is used, the word can set you free, or it can enslave you.

In this episode, I share what it means to be impeccable with your word to breathe in light, and love to yourself and others.

Over the next few episodes, I will be sharing each of the Four Agreements from Don Miguel Ruiz's book "The Four Agreements."


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