53. Buffering

In this episode, I share about buffering and how we use external things to change the way we feel emotionally. It's something we do to not fully experience all of our lives. It is to numb the pain you may consciously or even subconsciously be feeling.

Our primitive brain wants to seek pleasure, avoid pain and seek comfort. So it would make sense to go to things to provide that dopamine hit. But there are always negative consequences from buffering, even though it may feel good at the moment. It's also like turning off a light in a messy room because you don't want to see the mess.

When there is a hole in your life, such as in your relationships, in your spiritual connection, in your physical activity, or in living your purpose, you often go to buffering, such as overeating, overspending, binging Netflix or social media to seek the comfort that we might otherwise be missing. When you stop buffering and start living your true, authentic life, don't be surprised if you feel a flood of emotions coming forward because now you are open to all the feels and not just numbing out. You start seeing exactly what’s going on in your mind, your feelings, and your actions. When you stay conscious of this, you can then reevaluate and make positive changes in your life!

We are starting my Cleanse and Replenish 28-Day Detox where we are getting a reboot on our health. This week is prep week, but we officially start Monday, April 17. Get ready for summer with the health reboot as we will dive deeper into conquering emotional eating along with many more tools to live in your best self!

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