55. Emotional Mastery

Are you willing to feel any emotion? If you are, you open your life up to so many possibilities! Life is 50/50, and you'll feel both positive and negative emotions. When we can take 100% ownership and accountability for all the emotions we feel, that is empowerment.

Realizing that every emotion you feel is because of a thought you attach to a circumstance puts you in the driver's seat of your life. Emotions are the fuel that runs your life. Your emotions will drive which actions or inaction you take in your life. Once you can tune into the emotions you are feeling and the thought it is tied to, you are in control of how you feel. This is called Emotional Adulthood. This means you take 100% responsibility for your life and emotions. No one needs to change. It's always an inside job.

It may seem a whole lot easier to blame everything and everyone around you, but as you do this, you become the victim and give all your power away. This is Emotional Childhood. In the Hero's Journey, you will be faced with trials, traps, temptations, and challenges. You'll hit rock bottom, but it is only through those experiences that you can re-emerge as the hero that you are. When you process your pain and turn it into purpose, you become the HERO of your own story!!

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